I believe every student is able to play the violin, if that is truly what they want. Making music is inherently a natural thing, hence, playing from within, but that does not come without sacrifice and practice. There are however, ways to make practice more effective and more fun.

I do not advocate taking exams to use as a leverage for academic progress. Exams are merely part of the music-learning journey. It shouldn’t be an end, but it could certainly be a means. Music is there to let you, or your child, express yourself and enrich the soul. Of course, every individual is different thus if you wish to occasionally take an exam just to see how you are faring, that too is possible. But again, I would like to reiterate, exams mean nothing if a grade is all you are looking at. Making music is also not merely to give yourself an ego boost. Finding the meaning behind your music-making journey is as essential, perhaps even more essential, than making music itself.

I draw no line between teaching children or adults and am privileged to have had students from age 4 to 50+ pass through my studio. No physical or mental disability should restrict someone from wanting to learn the violin. With a passionate heart, a willing spirit, a patient and positive disposition, a suitable learning environment, supportive parents/friends, I believe you can achieve.

To some, playing the violin is almost the most natural thing in the world. Some may find it a little bit more difficult but that doesn’t mean you’re not good, it just means you need to give yourself a little more time. Learning to play the violin may take a little longer than learning to play the piano or guitar or drums (trust me, I’m a slow student here!), so a lot more patience is needed there. Having some music knowledge is helpful, but even if you don’t, there’s always a starting point.

As one of my favourite quotes go:

526755_10151191604323473_1348995748_n1.jpgStart being an amateur today. 🙂

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