I am based in Singapore and currently teach at:

  • Home – Upper Thomson/Ang Mo Kio or Sembawang
  • Methodist School of Music – Upper Bukit Timah
  • Online lessons – With the current covid19 situation, if you’d like online lessons, we can also do that. It helps to keep those fingers moving or to clarify any queries you might find arising from your practice sessions.

Location is based on the days/times. Please refer to the schedule page for more details.

I do not travel to students’ homes.

Teaching studio/space:

The teaching studio/space, be it at the schools or my home, is a private area for both the student and the teacher.

It would be much appreciated and more conducive for everyone if it is kept as a safe space where students can freely express themselves. These are not common or public areas nor a shop where you can go in and out of as you please. Hence, please do respect one another and also the teacher, and wait outside the studio for your turn.

If you’re coming to my *home, it is a home and it would be much appreciated if you could treat it as such, like a friend’s home. You’re very welcome as a friend and student. 😁. I teach in my living room thus if you/your student require a defined space, please do let me know and I can refer you to the studios at the music schools from which I teach. They have smaller but more defined spaces which could be suited for different needs and preferences.

*Also, if you intend to have lessons at my place in Upper Thomson, please do note that my dog makes occasional appearances 😊. Thus if you’re allergic to dogs or are afraid of them, you may like to consider having lessons at the music schools where I am also teaching at instead.

*Update July 2020:

  • Due to the current CoVid-19 situation, students and myself included will he required to keep their masks on during lessons.
  • Do also sanitize your hands before and after the lessons.

2 thoughts on “Where

  1. HI Lydia, Can i enquire on your Violin Lessons for Grade 6/7 students ABRSM. My daughter is currently preparing for her Grade 5 Music Theory exams for March 2018,hence i need if you are able to assist with her preps. We are looking at your school (Sinfonia Music School)

    She failed her Music Theory Grade 5 recently, hence she needs better preps this time round. Currently in Sec 1 at SNGS.

    Lawrence CHee
    81989381 HP

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