All 4 Strings Inaugural Concert 2018| Esplanade Recital Studio

It has always been my hope to have my students be exposed to and be involved in different aspects of music-marking: Alone, with another instrument, and in a larger ensemble setting.

But with everyone’s busy schedules, it is not easy to come together and plan for one, much less secure a venue and then produce one that runs smoothly and yet is fun for everyone.

It is my privilege to have met 3 other like-minded musicians and music educators who have the same desire for their students. And it is from this common goal that this All 4 Strings student ensemble concert was birthed.

This concert could not have happened without the courage and intensity of my colleagues, Mr. Sum Yuan Liang (Violin), Ms. Persis Chong (Violin/Viola) and Ms. Shernise Khor (Cello), and the commitment of our students and their parents. Thank you for believing in your child, yourself and also in us.

We were all encouraged by the spirit and positivity everyone brought to the project and were so happy to see everyone having fun and making friends. In that, we feel that we have indeed accomplished what we had set out to do in this concert – to communicate. Not just with the audience, but also with one another. Through music.

We certainly hope this will become a regular event and hope to see more come to learn and enjoy the music-making process, as a player, helper or audience.

Videos: YouTube channel All4Strings Concert 2018“.

Hope to see you at the next one! 😉

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